Saturday, 14 September 2013

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Saturday, 14 September 2013
So, I've had my first full week back at school and I'm absolutely exhausted! I think it's the transition of doing almost nothing but lying down watching friends non stop to actually moving and thinking. I'm really enjoying my lessons, though I wasn't so sure initially as they weren't necessarily what I'd expected. I'm currently doing my AS levels and I'm studying chemistry, english lit, graphics and spanish. It's an odd combination of subjects, but they're the ones that I enjoy the most, even if they're hard and make my brain hurt. I'm really enjoying being a sixth former as we can wear our own clothes (though it is a massive effort and it takes me a good 20 minutes panic to work out what I'm going to wear) plus having the luxury of a common room complete with microwaves, sofa chairs and table football which I suck at. We also have free periods which are beautiful things and entitle me to nap between lessons. I do not understand how I lived with having five lessons everyday for five years; I had one full day on thursday and I was so tired I wanted to cry.

Some of my recent instagram photos ft pretty gals in the common room, beyond retro in brighton from last weekend, polaroids and my new dress, graffiti wall in Urban Outfitters, more polaroids and me on the way to the V&A museum in London (which was amazing).

Also this week, my entire year had to go for a 'team building' day at Carroty Wood which I'd been dreading since the first one in year seven. It turned out to be a pretty fun day actually and I was in a group with Polly which was good as we're already a damn fine team. Each group had four different activities and ours were team development, which involved  crawling through tunnels filled with mud and leaves blindfolded, geo-caching which was kinda dull so we just played explorers surviving in a post apocalyptic world, abseiling and high ropes. We had to do the 'leap of faith' whereby you had to climb a - TALL - pole, jump off that - REALLY TALL - pole and grab onto a trapeze. My knees were knocking together for a good 5 minutes afterwards.

Other than the above, nothing particularly exciting has happened except I've been listening to the Les Mis soundtrack an awful lot and actually been doing my homework and handing it it on time, which never happens. Ever.

This what I've been wearing to school this week (note no outfit for tuesday as I was just wearing leggings and a big tshirt mostly clad in mud from Carroty Wood). The weather has been really annoying this week and I've been rubbish at working out what to wear as a result. Although in some ways I'd still rather be wearing uniform as it's so much easier, as of this academic year our school has been so harsh on uniform. Teachers have actually been standing by the entrances ready to pounce on unsuspecting pupils and demanding them to lower the hem on their skirts. It's been a brilliant source of entertainment I have to admit, but I'm pretty glad I'm not in that position!

If only had a bottomless purse! Some of my fave high street picks of late: jacquard top, high collard top, loafers and plaid skirt.

Hope you've had a lovely week!
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