Saturday, 26 October 2013

lend me your heart, and I'll just let you fall

Saturday, 26 October 2013
- insta pics -

Long time no blog, aha, ah ah ... sorry. Blah blah blah I've been busy but school's out now so let the party begin! ~ proceeds to sit in room and rock in a corner due to lack of things to do ~

I recently discovered Bleach London hair dye, and instantly set my heart on dip dying my hair all manner of beautiful colours. However, due to lack of both money and stock at my local boots, I just brought 'blulini' and I absolutely love it. I've tried colouring my hair millions of times before and it's just never worked, but thanks to all my insta buddies for spamming my feed with pictures from Bleach London's page, I'm all mermaided up. I have a feeling pretty much every colour in the range is going to be making their way onto my christmas list. Although, as of friday as a notice from our head of year , it seems that sixth formers are no longer allowed to dye their hair an 'unnatural' colour; it was like she was sending me an indirect tweet.


 I've also been lusting after all kinds of close, and surprise surprise, found an outfit I can afford! I saw this picture on the Topshop website the other day and completely fell in love with the outfit, which yay, I'm going to buy asap :)))

This post was a bit of a shorty, but it's half term now so imma try and take some photos etc; I'm going to Bournemouth to see some family and maybe some friends (( laura get yo ass better rn )) so I'll try and do a little travel journal. My film camera should be all used up soonish, so i'll get that developed and post those at some point too.
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