Monday, 14 October 2013

pretty flamingo

Monday, 14 October 2013

 This weekend has been absolutely lovely, as I finally got round to celebrating my 16th birthday, albeit ten months late. I've wanted a sixties themed part for absolutely ages as I love the music, fashion etc, so I rallied the troops clad in mini dresses and fake eyelashes so we could dance the night away :)))

this is like a really rubbish powerpoint polyvore
I wore this beautiful mini dress from The Vintage Wardrobe instagram account and I absolutely love it! It's incredibly short so I had to wear shorts underneath to protect my dignity. I also wore these platforms from Topshop which my friends brought for my birthday last year, and some tights with Mary Quant-esque daisies running up the sides. I had my eye makeup done at MAC by an absolutely lovely artist called Tasha with amazing purple hair and she was just really really cool.

beth, me, han, log and gab; me and livvy; laurel and eloise
florrie and alex; beth, me hannah, laurel and gabs; gaby and hannah; polly, alex and florrie
these are my favourite photos <3 me and gabs; me and han
It was so nice to get together outside of the common room at school; we spent the majority of the night dancing away to the hairspray soundtrack and discussing the possible outcomes of having a bath with your pet snake. My dad made a groovy playlist with a load of really great songs, the best of which I've left below as a little treat for you all.

jimi hendrix foxy lady - the beatles i am the walrus - martha reeves dancing in the street - the rolling stones satisfaction - the monkees i'm a believer - the beach boys i get around - marvin gaye heard it through the grape vine - the doors break on through - the kinks all day and all of the night - the who my generation
I hope you had a lovely weekend too,
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