Sunday, 8 September 2013

you are the dancing queen

Sunday, 8 September 2013

So, it was Gaby's seventeenth birthday on Friday and everyone is getting too close to being eighteen which really scares me because growing up. For her present, me and a load of other people got her a really really lovely blue polaroid camera and a load of films so she could take a million photos straight away IT'S SO NICE.

Twelve of us all went back to gaby's house after school for a 'muder mystery' party which actually involved us playing cluedo for approximately 10 minutes before giving up and watching brother bear. We also ate loads of pizza and took some photos in her garden. 

a montage of gaby hugging polly, hannah and me; a picture we like to call 'classic hannah'

left: laurel and beth, middle: the gamma gals, right: laurel and eloise

We were also treated to a spoken rendition of  'dancing queen' by Gaby's mum, which I believe to have been thoroughly enjoyed by all, so big shout out to Sue Ellen.

The next day, me and Gaby went to Brighton to spend Gab's birthday money and thanks to getting slightly a little bit lost WE FOUND  BEYOND RETRO. It was a massive warehouse type building filled with so many beautiful clothes. I brought a really lovely dress although I would have brought so much more had I had more money (I'll do and ootd at some point). Also at one point a pigeon flew into my head and Gaby and I found a nice singing boy who we wanted to befriend so we hatched a plan to pretend to be foreign and think he was Justin Timberlake so we could have a picture with him. I don't know why we chose Justin Timberlake because neither of us even like him. Needless to say, it didn't work.

me in urban outfitters and beyond retro

me and gaby on the bus and brighton pier

Just a little post to pay homage to the lovely weekend I've had and to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY GAB!

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