Saturday, 28 September 2013

fields of gold

Saturday, 28 September 2013
G O O D  M O R N I N G , Y O !

Why am i always tired? I feel like I yawn more than I actually speak. It took me 4 attempts to spell speak and it's only half past eight. This is what I'm talking about.

I haven't written for week and a bit because I've been waiting for something more exciting to happen excluding the great british bakeoff (I'll never forget you Howard). School has been super tiring and I'm starting to feel the effect of maybe doing too much already whilst still trying to fit in all of my work. I've had barely any lunch times to just relax; two of my friends and I are setting up a school newspaper and we went to a meeting on Wednesday, only it just turned into a discussion about feminism and literature which lasted the entirety of lunch. Pretty much every other lunch has been dedicated to hastily choreographing a dance for our school's opening evening and has resulted in me pulling every muscle in my right leg. Stairs are proving very difficult.

ig photos from last weekend: ootd, laurel's room, laurel
In other news, I'm growing up. I went to a university fair the other day which has completely freaked me out as I feel completely unprepared for the lack of security I'm going to have in two years time. It's sunk in a bit more now though, and I've found myself getting more and more excited about the possible courses and locations; Edinburgh and Leeds seem to be up there at the moment.

Some more (marginal) excitement: I am going to the launch party of the new electric BMW car thing!!! My design and technogoly class went for a special talk about it and it was really really interesting. We've all been given the chance to have a go at redesigning the car in order to win a prize and I really really want to win like REALLY. Although, I'm not sure how I, as a sixteen year old who can even drive, am going to be able to improve a car designed by professionals. But hey ho.

stuff for sale in my etsy

boop boop boop, not much else has really been happening so I've left you with a link to my etsy andsome old journal pictures. Might do a room tour soon.

I'll try and post again sooner rather than later,

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